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Outdoor Education

We are incredibly fortunate to find ourselves located in an area of outstanding natural beauty which automatically lends itself to a wide range of exciting outdoor education opportunities.

The benefits of outdoor learning are wide and varied and include:

  • increased physical health;
  • enhanced personal and social communication skills;
  • learning to take personal responsibility;
  • co-operating and respecting the needs of others through practical problem solving and team work skills;
  • provides the opportunity to support pupils development through meeting the needs of the individual pupils Thrive action plan.

At Forest Moor School, our young people are lucky enough to engage in a range of activities with highly experienced instructors. Such activities include:

  • ghyll scrambling
  • bushcraft both on and off site
  • camping trips
  • canoeing
  • orienteering

At our last camping trip in June, here are some of the comments our students made –

”Awesome—but the midges were annoying!”

”Epic—apart from everything was so uncomfortable!”

”I loved waking up in the morning to the peace and quiet!”

“The whole thing was brilliant—but I liked the gorge walk the best—the water was clear but absolutely freezing!”

 “We did loads of amazing activities and we were FREE!!!”

“It was my first time camping. Making the fire was awesome—but I came back with all these bites!!!”

“Absolutely awesome”

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