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Why Study Science?

Everyone studies science at Forest Moor School.  It is vital in understanding the world around us.  Where did we come from?  What else is out there?  Why do chemicals react together?  How do we digest our food?  What causes magnetism?  All of these questions will be answered, so actually…why NOT study science?!


KS2 science topics:

Follow the national curriculum through a primary classroom model.


KS3 science topics:

  • Be Reactive
  • Systems for Survival
  • What are things made of?
  • Rocks and their uses
  • Staying Alive
  • Earth, Space and Beyond
  • Light and Sound
  • Why are we different?
  • What’s in a reaction?
  • Using Energy
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • How do we stay healthy?
  • Exploring Electricity and Magnetism
  • How do living things interact?
  • How things move?

KS4 science topics:

Students do not follow a GCSE syllabus and instead follow a BTEC syllabus which leads to qualifications equivalent to Grade C or better.  The BTEC syllabus is also made up of Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics which cover similar topics to the GCSE syllabus but in a more applied setting. The topics include:

Unit 1 (Exam)

* Explore cells, organs and genes

* Explore the roles of the nervous and endocrine systems in homeostasis and communication

* Explore atomic structure and the periodic table

* Explore substances and chemical reactions

* Explore the importance of energy stores, energy transfers and energy transformations

* Explore the properties and applications of waves in electromagnetic spectrum


Unit 2 Chemistry and our earth (coursework)

Chemical Reactivity & Bonding

Investigate how uses of chemical substances depend on their chemical & physical properties

Investigate the factors involved in the rate of chemical reactions

Understand the factors that are affecting the Earth and it's environment


Unit 3 Energy and our universe (coursework)

* Understand ionising radiation, its uses and sources

* Know how electrical energy is produced from different sources and can be transferred  

   through the national grid to homes and industry

* Know the components of the solar system, the way the universe is changing and the

  methods we use to explore space


Unit 4 Biology and our environment (portfolio)

* Investigate the relationships that different organisms with each other & their environment

* Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of human activity on the environment and how

   these effects can be measured

* Explore factors that affect human health



KS3 students are assessed during each topic by using a levelled assessment sometimes called a “badger task” or a by doing an end of topic test. 

KS4 students are regularly assessed throughout each topic due to their portfolio work being submitted as part of the course to the examining board. Students will also sit an exam mid-way through their courses and there is an opportunity for a re-sit to raise their grades if needed.

Enrichment and Extracurricular

Science trips may be run each year and many activities in outdoor education and reward activities include cross curricular elements of science content.

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